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Deciding to have a pool installed in your backyard is a big decision. But did you know that the company that will install your pool also does landscaping and gardening?

Renovating the backyard to incorporate a new pool will drastically change the layout of the backyard. For example, existing flowerbeds may need to be transplanted and moved to another section of the yard. Or perhaps, you don’t yet have the flowerbed and garden that you’ve always dreamed about it. Why not let handle the job?

custom poolOften times it is more advantageous to have the same builder do both the pool and the landscaping. There are many reasons for this. First, for the convenience of having all the work done at once. Since there will be professional contractors on site with the necessary equipment to remove soil, it makes a lot of sense to have them do the landscaping and gardening with the same job. The overall time it takes to complete your backyard project will require less time than had it been broken up into smaller projects.

Second, the overall cost of doing these projects together will cost the home owner less. Particularly if heavy machinery is required such as a skid steer to remove soil. It is cheaper to have the machinery on site and do all the work than if it has to go back and forth from the shop to the site numerous times.

outdoor pool

Third, when your pool builder is also doing your landscaping, you will have access to more landscaping layouts and designs. This is because their design experts can go over more options when they have the whole backyard to consider, and not just a smaller section for the pool. Instead of just having a pool, you are creating your own little private getaway right in your backyard.

Fourth, when the same builder is doing all the work, the whole esthetic will be much more consistent. A different builder may not be any less professional, but they have a different idea on how the project should look. This may not match what you have already installed in your backyard. The other thing to consider is that a different builder may not have access to the same materials that were originally used. This could be because of exclusivity agreements or even discontinued product lines if several years has passed since the original installation.

Fifth, by the consistency provided by the same builder as your pool, you can guarantee the maximum value will be added to your property value. Even if you have no

patio and pool

plans on selling your home in the near future, having a pool with tastefully esthetic landscaping and gardening will make your home stand out from other homes in your neighborhood. A beautiful backyard will always be a successful investment for both your property values and your family.

So talk to your pool builder about all the landscaping and gardening services they offer and maximize the time you spend outside during those beautiful Arizona summers!